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Title: Tutorials ,QBASIC
Post by: GarryRicketson on June 12, 2011, 12:59:11 am
This is my favorite tutorial,
My Favorite  A tutorial for kids, by Ted Felix, this is the easiest to follow tutorial I have seen,  of course I have not looked at all of tutorials available, when I found this one, I did not need to look further.
Next in line is "Clippys"  Is a excellent source for Demos, and tutoriials. Teds ("Clippy") Demo, or tutorial
I use alot.
QBASIC NEWS A site by Dav, there is some excellent utilitys, also information on qbasic, going way back. I like the one "tool" for converting BMP images to DRAW ,which I will be showing a sample of later in the lessons. or for They are both connected.
from Garry
I strongly reccomend you just use the tutorials, that way you don't get embarrased asking silly questions in any "programmers" forums, besides that is what they will tell you, read the tutorials, read the wiki,..
This is the wiki for qb64
Keyword help is listed by both alphabetical order and usage:
For more on qb64: