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Title: The world was supposed to end May 21
Post by: GarryRicketson on May 29, 2011, 10:56:14 pm
That is what yahoo was saying in their "news",...But it still goes on,...This was some comment that came up in a thread on this,...,183.msg988.html#msg988

That is a big point these people miss, because what the bible dose say, is that no one will know the exact day or time, when the world will come to a end, and it comments that there will be lots of these kind of predictions, and advises one not to pay any attention,...So that leads me to believe, or think, I don't know where they get theyer information,..nor how they came to conclusion that it will end on such and such date,....but it is not the bible,....
 One preacher I talked to ,once, and I believe him, more better the most,...I asked him about that, and also the thing about some people being "taken up" in some kind of rapture,...His response, was that, They ,(him and the congregation), did not worry about that, their, faith in God and Jesus, was enough to be confident, that when ever and how ever, things come to a end, or start to, God, and Jesus, will take care of those, that are faith full,....
 Besides, even if we did know when it was going to happen, what difference would it make, ?.....It is as inevetible, as death, we all have to got thru it one day,.......I am a very "active dreamer ", or my dreams are very realisic and "vivid",...I had been reading the bible, Isaia,...And I fell asleep, started dreaming
about this, "end of the world" was kind of a scary sort of dream, and I could not seem to wake up, so I had to just "go thru it ", any way,  I was sort of like in a far away place, and I could see the world start, "wobbleing", like a top ,when it starts going to slow, before it falls down,....and a voice was sayng,
" behold from one new moon to the next the earth will fall way",...and it did, it started breaking apart, and just sort dissapeared in a big ball of dust, and fire,...and then it was quiet for some time,...then, really beatiful, "trumpets" and music, singing....and a voice, came booming, " Behold, I will make a new earth, a new world, and new heavens ",....and that is what I saw, a new earth made, stars, started appearing in the "blackness",....The sun came up and the sky was blue,...and I woke up,  left me with a feeling of joy and relief, to know it had just been a dream,...and as I had my morning coffee, I reviewed what I had been reading the night before,...and I realized, that what I had been reading, is what "inspired" my dream,.. How ever there never is any mention, of any date,...
 Sometimes to me it seems like we are caught up in a sort of endless LOOP ,that always appears to come to a end, but then it starts right back up, at the begginning again,...never really ending,...allthough it seems that there are "variations", in each time it loops, I guess this is to keep it from getting to boreing,...but also to prevent any "bugs", that might permantly end the LOOP, or "break" it,....
Any way guess that is about it for now
from Garry
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Title: Re: The world was supposed to end May 21
Post by: Schmoo1980 on June 01, 2011, 09:40:02 pm
Yea... I'm still here too :P


Title: Re: The world was supposed to end May 21
Post by: GarryRicketson on June 03, 2011, 11:34:31 pm
Thats good, I was starting to think maybe it had ended, and I just did not know it,
Glad to see you checked in,...
But not much to say,...sure would like to see more activity here,...
from Garry